The Stressful Yogi

There isn’t enough yoga poses in the world that will ease the craziness of life. Our fast paced days seem to be drained of time. We become addicted to the rush of it all, this idea that is we are not useful unless we are working. Culture has created this form of internal stress, driving us to constantly be looking for things to do; a distraction from the moment. It is very easy for us to lose touch with ourselves. So quickly our energy is draining, our moods agitated, and our minds pounding from the clutter of too many thoughts. Simplicity is something we hear a lot about in the workplace, school, and even in spiritual spaces. This idea of decluttering the body and mind of unwanted energies and thoughts. It may be easy to simplify a project but its harder to simplify the way you live. It’s not as easy as hitting a delete button, it takes more action, tolerance, and love.

Stress is a cultural norm in this modern life. We are custom to its symptoms and triggers, We tend to welcome the spirit of stress with open arms. It’s almost as if we are waiting for it to arrive, we have the spare bedroom ready for its long stay. Stress isn’t just something that can easily be kicked out and driven away. Its emotional baggage becomes embedded into our being, we are the refection of our stress. There is this exposure of vulnerability that we express during times of overload, this openness is what draws negativity in. Think of it as having the front door of your mind open and seeing what energies step inside.

I like to think of yoga as a filter, with the movement of the body we shed away any unwanted energies. Yoga is connected to water, the fluidity of it’s the practice is what purifies the body and mind. With each breath we honor and let go of the day, we understand the lessons its brought, and we have the ability to disconnect from those experiences. The strength of yoga fuels the fiery motivation within; we move with purpose, we breath with focus, and we grow with practice. Yoga is a foundation, when we practice daily we are able to gain inner strength. Instead of having the front door to our mind wide open, we instead have a screen that filters though the clutter. Yoga is our form of simplicity, when we learn about ourselves we can live a life not of perfection but balance.

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