The Art of Letting Go

Like the wise Elsa sang in Frozen, Let It Go! Now that’s some great advice, if only we could apply it to our everyday lives. The issue with letting things go is we don’t take a moment to understand why a certain, issue, feeling, or thought is brought to us. We tend to dismiss our issues without truly acknowledging their presence. In order to let go we must take the time to learn why we need to.

Last week I struggled with my body image, I “relapsed.” After struggling over 10 years of my life with hating my body, I tend to have days were I am shadowed by the negative thoughts of my past. During my “relapse” I am very hard on myself, I critique what I eat, how I workout, and I just don’t feel happy with how I look. It saddens me that I feel this way, but in order to heal I must respect these emotions and learn from them. A lot of the time people think that when you overcome eating disorders, body image issues, and depression that you are healed. In all cases that is not true. There is no such thing as being 100% healed. No matter what, the wounds of the past are still tender, they are covered up by can easily be accessed when you find yourself vulnerable. I have been able to find peace with my body, but it is a daily task to remind myself that I am more than my appearance. I like to think of it as a practice, everyday is a new opportunity to heal and grow from my experiences. You are stronger when you realize your feeling (whether good or bad) have purpose.

Letting go is an art form that takes time to master. You can think of it almost like meditation. When you close your eyes and thoughts come to you, you see them for what they are and then you move them along; keeping them near so in case you want to gain better insights on their presence. We hold the key to the past, we are able to store these emotions and feelings away and when we choose we can access them. It’s about learning control, the balance of feeling everything at once and nothing at all, we must find the medium. Like Elsa, we must learn to let it go. Embracing the emotional body we welcome our feelings in and give them a place to stay. We hold the key, We have the ability to lock and unlock what you choose. There is no black and white to how we feel, only shades of grey.

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