Healing the Seasonal Depressed

As the seasons change and the time alters itself back an hour, we find our bodies effected by the early darkness. It’s mentally straining to have less daylight, we strive on sunlight as our energizer. When it fades into the shades of early nightfall we become worn down, depressed, and anxious. We find our mind cloudy, our energy low, and our motivation lacking. We become disconnected from ourselves and those around us. Winter may bring holiday cheer but it’s also the season of depression.

Top 6 Ways To Heal 

  1. Adult Coloring Books- This allows you to become connected to your breath and focus the mind on the task of coloring. It provides you with a stress-free activity that will get your creative energy flowing. It also connects you with your inner child, expanding your imagination.
  2. Autumn/Winter Walks- Take some time to walk in nature, breathe in the fresh air and find clarity in the scenery. Winter walks are one of my favorites, everything is blanketed in the snow and the world is quiet. Taking walks allows you to find that relationship with nature again, keeping your spirit lifted and mind at ease.
  3. Yoga & Fitness- Getting the blood flowing helps boost serotonin levels which makes you happy. This will keep your body and mind connected and  provide you with sustainable energy. Working out keeps you centered and healthy mentally and physically.
  4. Reading- Cuddling up to the warm fire with a cup of tea and a book just sound idyllic. When you read it allows you to take an adventure in the world of your chosing. You are able to open up you creative energies and imagination, reading also soothes the nerves.
  5. Meditation- Inhale, Exhale. You are able to find your center and feel aligned. This keeps the mind clear and creates a space of peace where you can visit throughout the day. Try to meditate in the morning and before bed to keep your mind balanced.
  6. Cooking & Baking- This is where you can actually embrace the holiday season and be creative with how you eat. Try to cook a new recipe and bake some healthy treats. Have fun in the kitchen, let go of the stress and just concentrate on the moment.

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