A Grateful Yogi

Today marks the 2nd day of November, the grateful season. Being grateful is when we truly honor the presence of a being, item, or an idea. It made me wonder, what am I truly grateful for? As a culture we don’t really ask ourselves that question, unless it’s around the thanksgiving table. So after I thought about it I knew I was grateful for myself. Now as a society, we think of being selfish as a bad thing when in reality it isn’t. In order to truly love others and to do good in the world, we must begin with ourselves. If we honor our own beings we can give back to those around us, with a pure heart and amplified energy to do good.

You all know that saying, “In order to love others we must first love ourselves.” Well, that is the whole point of my grateful answer, I am very thankful for me. Now imagine saying that in front of all your relatives at Thanksgiving, they probably would just stare at you dumfounded. A lot of people can’t process the idea that self-love should be the core to everything we do. Yet, when we find ourselves at a point of inner peace we are able to focus our energies on other things like: saving the world, paying attention to your significant other, or simply calling an old friend. IMG_20151101_103923

So yes, I am grateful for myself. I am grateful for the strength of my body and mind. After sending 10 years of my life hating myself I have finally found peace with myself. It’s almost like I can see the world with clarity, im not clouded by the shadows of my self-hate.

So this November (and everyday) be grateful for your body and mind, honor yourself and the strength you have. You are STRONG, SMART, & BEAUTIFUL. Its time that you share that passion with the world, if we have more women spreading the message of self-love, we can inspire the girls and women around us.

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