The Fitness Illusion

I will never look like a fitness model, and I am perfectly ok with that. I’m 5’3 and 115lb, I workout 45-60mins six days a week and live off a vegan diet. I pride myself on my health  and motivation to honor my body through fitness. I may sound like a super skinny and fit person like the ones you seen all over the magazine, Instagram, and YouTube. But in reality I am think but not extremely toned, I am very strong and yet I don’t have defined arms or abs. I have the same skills as those people we see in the media but I sure as hell don’t look like them.

We are bombarded with images in the media of women perfectly toned, living off raw foods and green smoothies. The media especially in fitness is a social construct of how we should look, it’s an artificial version of what beauty is. The fitness industry is driven by looking like someone else, that you’re only happy in the skinniest version of yourself, and yet we must ask ourselves would I truly be happy if I had abs? Would I love myself fully if my arms were perfectly toned? If you take the time to ask yourself these questions, you begin to shatter that illusion that those are not sustainable goals of self-love. When you do obtain the perfect version of yourself you still are the same person within.IMG_20151027_192854

Fitness should have the focus on connecting the mind in body, rather than dissecting the body into certain parts of concentration and admiration. It’s not sustainable to use fitness as a way to obtain a certain body type. “Only 5% of women naturally have the body portrayed in the media, and 90% of women are unhappy with their bodies.” It’s difficult to not be caught up in the mental warfare of trying to find this perfection, it’s embedded into our minds that this is true beauty. This is the main reason girls and women have eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. It’s all due to the pressures of being a women in this culture, we claim our “baggage” at a young age and struggle as we age trying to rid ourselves of these unrealistic ideas.

I created EcoFitYogi to focus on self-love through fitness. I don’t use words like “tone the legs” “lift the booty” “Tighten the arms”. I center the mantra workouts around honoring the body as a whole. After struggling over 10 years with body image issues I found my healing through fitness, I was able to truly understand my body. Before my workouts I tell myself I AM STRONG, SMART, & BEAUTIFUL. Fitness need to be a positive outlet for connecting to the body, it should be a tool to keep the mind healthy as well. We must shatter the illusion when we look into the mirror, true beauty lies beneath the surface.

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