Meditation For The Modern Yogi

OM…more like UHHH is this over yet?

A lot of us are hesitant to meditate because we have seen videos and read articles about mediation and all time that advise us to clear our heads. Ok, its 2015 I don’t think any of us know how to “clear our minds.” To me that is one of the biggest mistakes that pro-yogis do when talking about mediation, its hard for non-yogis or other yogis to relate to. Our minds are constantly in thought, especially with the media world we are bombarded by information 24/7.

When I started to dabble with mediation, I was worried that I was doing it wrong, I couldn’t get my mind to settle when I closed my eyes. I was stressed with the idea of silencing my thoughts, I tried to constant on pushing them aside when they arrived but it never worked. Meditation started to make me one anxious yogi.

I took a step back from mediation and tried to figure out a way to adjust it to my needs. I knew that I wanted to rest my mind but I needed to figure out a sustainable way to do so. I then figured out that when I picture my “safe haven” I am able to calm my thoughts. By “safe haven” I mean picturing a place within your mind that brings you peace and happiness. It where you create that image with vivid detail and roam within

Mantra: I Am Strong, Smart, & Beautiful
Mantra: I Am Strong, Smart, & Beautiful

that thought while you close your eyes and slow your breathing. It works because it allows the brain to focus on one things and clear away the clutter of constant thought.

With doing visual mediation it allows you to access that peaceful energy anywhere and anytime. When I meditate I close my eyes and image a lavender field surrounded by a ring of emerald-green trees. I imagine laying with my black cat (Skeeter) in the sun and listening the wind and distant birds.  For my meditation I travel Into the lavender field.

Next time you want to meditate:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Inhale, exhale
  4. Let it all go
  5. Imagine your safe haven
  6. Imagine every detail, try to focus on how you feel
  7. Do you feel the suns warmth? the chill of the wind?
  8. Focus on that moment for as long as you like
  9. Inhale, exhale
  10. Open your eyes

***When you meditate you can do it before bed, in the morning, or even outside. You can also use a mala, crystals, candles, or essential oils. Do what feels good to you, honor yourself, and find peace within your safe haven.

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