The Path of Self-Love

When you are on the path of self-love there are times where the shadowed thoughts blur the mind and cause us to detour off the trail. It’s impossible to be 100% in love with yourself, you will have days where you will have clouded judgement and be hard on your body. But if we focus on being 99% better to ourselves we can manifest positive change to how we think.

When I overcame my eating disorders I was so happy to finally be ok with eating again, yet there were days when I would beat myself up mentally. Why did I eat that cookie? Did I really need to have a slice of bread with that soup? It was a constant battle to feel secure in my food choices. I had the insecurity embedded within my brain waves, a disease formed from the intense pressures of societies standards of beauty. We all have those moments where we look in the mirror and have the urge to focus on the things we don’t like, but we must look towards the inner strength within to say: I AM STRONG, SMART, & BEAUTIFUL.

Your Path of Self-Love
Your Path of Self-Love

It’s frustrating to think that in order to be secure with our bodies we must work everyday to tell ourselves we are perfect the way we are. But when you think about it’s just the same as taking care of our teeth or washing our bodies. We do it everyday in order to keep our mouths healthy and our bodies clean. If we take that system and apply it to mantras and fitness we can establish a balanced relationship with ourselves.

It takes time and with that time we must enjoy the journey. We are in these bodies for the rest of our lives. Our bodies are our sanctuaries, the place where we find our center, dream, create, think, breathe, and live. We must honor that fact that we were born into these skeletal home and given the warmth of flesh for a reason.

Make a vow to yourself that you will treat your body with respect. You are human, its ok to have a day were you wake up and hate your body, yet you need to learn to take that hate and use that energy to feel good about yourself. That is why I focus the ECOFITYOGI lifestyle on fitness, that body and mind connection of being completely honed in on the moment and the feeling of your being. With each breath, movement, and pose you are in control and centered.

Practice each day ( at a desk, mat, outside, or in bed) to place one hand on your heart and the other on your tummy. Close your eyes and feel the pulse of your heart and the rise and fall of your chest. Think to yourself: I AM STRONG, SMART, & BEAUTIFUL.

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