Self Love Is A Choice

Self love is a choice. It’s not something easily attained but when we do grasp it and cherish, we live a more balanced life. Growing up the world around us was peaceful and colorful, when we looked into the mirror we didn’t see imperfections we saw a hero, someone ready to take on  the world. As we grew up and entered grade school we started to see ourselves change, altered by the pressures of society to question our being. Our heart is of value to the world and its very difficult to protect from harm, we tend to leave it vulnerable without even knowing.

There is a moment or a collection of moments that cause for us to lose that heart and mind connection, to turn on ourselves. We become the villain and lose sight of the hero. Were always reaching to find it but we get caught up in the powerful messages that bombard us along the way. From advertisements to the small talk between women comparing themselves in front of the changing room mirror, we become consumed by the negativity. We begin to question our own bodies, comparing and pulling at skin, even hiding parts of ourselves from the world. We become shadows of our reflection.20151020_100639

Self-love is a choice that is hard to welcome, we find comfort in the dark. After spending so long away from the light we tend to not trust It; Our inner hero locked inside our self-doubt. It took me years to inch myself into that light, It’s extremely difficult to see yourself as a beautiful person. It’s sad to think that so many women and girls around the world still linger in the darkness, afraid to make the choice to love themselves again. Our minds tainted from societies whispers of making us desire to look like someone else, to see our bodies as parts and not whole. As if we are dissected in culture to only admire certain areas of the body.

Once you bask in the light you begin to feel the darkness fade away, the shadows always linger but staying strong in your choice to love yourself keeps them at bay. In order to gain back your hero confidence you must work hard to gain the connection back between the heart and mind.

Fitness is a great way to connect the body, to fuel the muscles into motion and also the heat of breath eases the internal scars. Mantras also are a great way to sustain momemtum, looking into the mirror and saying I AM STRONG, SMART, AND BEAUTIFUL. You are the hero of your own story, no one else will be able to pull you from the depths of destruction but yourself. In order to win the war you must focus on the battles and gain power. With your heart and mind in balance you can wield your soul like a sword and make the choice to take back your life.

Be that child you once knew who looked at the world with peace and color, Who saw the hero all along.

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  1. George says:

    Self love is the key to inner happiness! It’s also what brings about outer harmony. And it saves us from the illusory molds society fits us into.
    Straight from heart. Thanks for sharing.
    I’ve done a similar post on self love , Real love and Relationships.
    Do check it out and lemme know your thoughts.
    Here’s the link:


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