The Anxious Yogi Finds Tree Pose

Today I went hiking within the golden woods, the ember leaves fell around me. The wind caressed my face as the crunching of every footstep was carried away in the afternoon breeze. The new moon energy filled my spirit as the elder trees stretched their creaking limbs to the blushed blue. I climbed a nearby fallen tree, a warrior of the sky bow clings to the earth. I stand secure on its mossy structure, strands of my blonde curls snake along my cheeks. I closed my eyes inhaled and exhaled my thoughts tumble into the abyss of old oaks. I lifted my leg above my knee and raised my hands from my heart towards the canvas of branches, I found balance. I was a tree among the wooden bodies that sprouted from the roots below. Inhale and Exhale.

Mantra: I am a tree, I stand tall and strong.
Mantra: I am a tree, I stand tall and strong.

Tree pose is a yoga move that allows me to find peace within the chaos of my daily life. A still moment where everything around me falls into silence. It’s only me and my breath, the rise and fall of my belly.

When I start with my hands to my chest, I can feel the beating of my heart, I always take a moment to connect to it’s drumming. It’s a time to take gratitude of how hard my body works for me, it’s about establishing a connection with myself. When I raise my arms and stand in balance I can feel my limbs in synch with my breathing. I feel whole.

We all deal with stress, even a yogi. Yoga is a practice that allows us to take that stress and use that energy to stimulate our bodies ability to move. As if we package our stress into a ball of energy and allow it to tumble through our body till it leaves from each exhale we take. Tree pose is a great move to do when you are in stressed, it allows you to find a center and focus on the breath. It eases the mind to a meditative state. Imagine your roots grounding you to the earth, your core strengthening and lengthening as you reach your branches towards the sky. Stand tall, heart out, feet and core secure; you are a tree.

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