Fitness Values: To Have A Balanced Routine

  • Mantras: A statement repeatedly frequently allows the mind to establish a focus and the body to form an understanding of the goal. It allows the mind and body to find a connection through thought and movement.
  • Sustainable Goals: By having establishing goals that have roots and evolve, provides the ability to grow through your practice.XOrBxp1442592103
  • Healthy Eating: In order to connect to the body organically we need to fuel ourselves with foods that provide energy, nutrients, and happiness. Food is our connection to the earth and gives us the clarity needed to live a life of balance.
  • Open Mind & Heart: In order to truly grow you need to open yourself to accepting change and learning to flow with it.
  • Strength: Connecting to your inner warrior allows you to tap into the power of being a women and allowing that emotion of pride guide you through your journey of self-love.
  • Breath: When you inhale and exhale you are finding the simple moment of being present and at peace, a time where silence fills the gaps of our thoughts and allows us to truly understand ourselves.

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  1. A wonderful list of values to live and be healthy by. Thank you!

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    1. EcoFitYogi says:

      Thank You! I hope you find balance and inspiration from this, take this advice and add it into your daily life to stimulate motivation and focus.

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