Embers of Autumn

The season of fall is a time of renewal, change, and fluid transition. I spend most of my autumn days in the woods of golden watercolors, I always try to catch falling leaves for good luck. During the flannel and sweater season I work to clear my life of things that no longer benefit me, whether friends or habits, I work to clean out the clutter I have collected. Just like the molten leaves that fall to the earth we must do the same. We need to fall from the high vibrations of summer and cling to the earth for a time of reflection and mental detox.

Fall is also the time where we begin to hibernate and store our energy for the winter to come. Food tends to be our weakness during these colder seasons it warms our bellies up and keeps us occupied. On slow chilly days we rather bake cookies then run against the brisk wind. Our priorities seem to shift summer beckons us to spend our days basking in the sun through various activities, where the coolness of autumn approves of our lazy days. Some of us even deal with seasonal depression and exercise is one of the best things to do to keep serotonin levels up which keep you feeling good.

A great way to keep your energy levels up and your depression low is to commit to a schedule. Try working out in the morning and then in the late afternoon do some yoga. You can even set up times where you do something you enjoy like reading, painting, mediating, even backing healthy cookies. Even blending your own tea is a great way to use your creativity. As long as you take time throughout the day to connect with yourself, you will be able to keep your metal spirits up and make healthier choices.

Spending time in nature is one of the best things you can do. Connecting with the earth and allowing yourself to shed away all the negativity, fill the lungs with new beginnings.  Try doing tree pose while standing in the woods, be apart of the forest and find your center. Rooting yourself to the core will allow you to stabilize your energy and find direction in your life. The fresh air is a natural mood lifter, taking 30mins to an hour a day outside will strengthen your body and mental health.

Autumn Mantra: Like a leaf I must fall to the earth

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